Why I Love Tim Tebow

Have you ever had a moment where you see or hear a story about someone that is so talented, yet so normal and unpretentious, that you find yourself forever impressed by this stranger?  This is NOT about Oprah Winfrey or Barack OBama, I said “un pretentious”!

I’m talking about a young man named Tim Tebow.  Tim Tebow is a Junior QB playing for the University of Florida (aka Gators), 2007 winner of the much coveted Heisman Trophy and proclaimed Christian.  I stumbled on to Tim Tebow last year when my husband was watching ESPN’s coverage of the Heisman trophy awards.  Stating the obvious, this young man is an outstanding athlete and you can check out his background and stats on Wikipedia (http://tinyurl.com/y5nbb5).  What REALLY impressed me, was the inspiring story behind the athlete.

Tim Tebow was born in the Phillipines to missionary parents, the youngest of five children (all homeschooled). His mother suffered an infection while pregnant with Tim, and the doctors recommended an abortion.  Years later, as residents of Florida, Tim started playing football after legislation was passed in 1996, allowing homeschooled students to participate in local high school events.  He is a college athlete studying family youth and community services who spends summers helping with his father’s orphanage and missionary work in the Phillipines.  In spite of the high profile world of college football, it seems that Tim truly recognizes,diplays, and appreciates his status as a role model for young boys.  

Thank you to the Tebow’s for providing us with a role model who wears his pants at the waist, loves his parents and puts God first.  Faith, Family, Academics, and then Football.  Can I get a witness!

Cast your vote for the 2008 Heisman Trophy winner – the winner from our votes counts as “one” vote for that candidate.  Sort of like a people’s choice. http://tinyurl.com/4xdg8s.

The Tim Tebow bill http://timtebowbill.com/. 

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