Who’s who!

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Danger is everywhere it’s just part of our culture; but does being on social media increase it?

I’m wondering that when I read a story today about a Portland Maine teen who was murdered as a result of some odd plot that evolved on Facebook.  Full story here:  http://news.yahoo.com/maine-teens-wary-social-media-homicide-222620513.html

Someone who she didn’t know tricked her.  They created an account and pretended to be someone else.  This is beyond catfishing.

Ideally in social media we are all looking to increase our numbers but are we also inviting increased danger?  Let’s face it you can’t “really” keep track of thousands of people.  No one can

Here are some things to consider before pressing “post” :


-An acquaintance is not necessarily a friend – you don’t know someone just because you share some funny posts online. 

-You NEVER know who is watching  - Ever! 

-Is it necessary to post your child’s name, age or where they go to school?

-Is a Foursquare discount worth someone knowing where you are real time?

-We’re glad you’re on vacation and it sure sounds fun but we also know where you live because you posted that last week!


Can you add more?