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Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.
— J.K. Rowling

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I’m writing this from my husband’s perspective because he hijacked this little vixen right out of the box.  He took my Verizon Insider bag and the Sony Xperia Tablet and the three of them have only been seen intermittently ever since!

Initially the Sony Xperia caught his attention because it was incredibly lightweight and the graphics were so dynamic!  He’s not one to like anything that has a major learning curve.  No patience!  This tablet is incredibly intuitive and fast!

I should have titled this post “My Husband and His Xperia Z2 Tablet” since he takes it everywhere!  In just the last month they’ve been to Indianapolis, Nashville and now work!  He is an owner/operator.  Some days he meets with clients and some days he's on a dusty, dirty jobsite.

A lead came in recently and he did the site survey.  Since they had been burned so many times in the past by other contractors, the contract status depended on how the first site completion went.  He had a plan and it included the Sony Xperia Z2.  He was on the jobsite all day shooting video as well as taking before and after shots as they worked.  This tablet powered through a long day with great stamina and performance.  Work was never delayed because the tablet was so efficient and easy to use.  Next up was a presentation for management.  Because there was no need to set up any equipment - he was able to do the presentation right there and then.  Gotta strike when the iron's hot, right?   Not only were they impressed with the work but also that he was able to present so quickly and easily.  The video was clear, the shots were vibrant and the tablet was a perfect size to show a small group of people.   The last step was to forward all the video and pictures via email.  He did it right there in front them.  Easy peasy!

Guess what?  The approvals for the balance of the contract came through the next day!  My husband did all the hard work but the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet totally made him shine! 


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