Verizon’s High Speed Internet : 12 Geek’d Out Cliffs Notes About Cyber Monday



1.  Can you believe “Cyber Monday” came out of the observation that millions of people were doing major online shopping the Monday after Thanksgiving because for many it was the only internet access they had?  Is it me or do you hear a dial up buzzing?

2.  Cyber Monday was conceived in 2005 by Shop.Org the National Retail Federation’s Digital Division.  

3.  It’s actually “Cyber 5”:  Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Saturday is now quickly becoming “Small Business Saturday”.

4.  Some reports show that more than 80% of Americans now have a computer in their homes, and of those, almost 92% have internet access.

5.  116 Million People own a smartphone

6.  89.9 Million American consumers accessed retail content on their mobile devices.

7.  55% of people use their mobile devices to access social networks and as we know you can get a deal any day of the week from Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, FourSquare…

8.  Only 48% of retailers have mobile optimized websites

9.  Retailers that have both mobile sites and mobile apps saw increased sales in excess of 117% over last year

10.  Purchases from mobile devices almost doubled from last year

11.  Twenty-five percent of all mobile traffic came from apps.

12.  iPad was the most popular device for purchases, accounting for 40.6 percent of total sales for those two days.


Retail sites were taking twice the normal load time but maybe that’s an access issue!  For popular items that you need to act fast on, this can make the difference between a great deal or missing out completely.  Since Verizon FiOS customers enjoy the fastest and most consistent Internet speeds available -- unlike cable company broadband that actually slows down when more of its customers are using it --. FiOS Internet users can take full and fast advantage of amazing deals any time. 

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