The Future Is Here And It’s Making Life Easier!





Verizon is already a name we trust to provide us with innovative quality products and unsurpassed customer service.  Now they’re making life easier with a NEW! home monitoring and home control (#smarthome) product!

Do I need a home control/monitoring product?  Depends…do you need peace of mind while you’re away from home?  Whether you’re at work, out running errands or on vacation you can stay connected anytime or anywhere, virtually.

Verizon’s advanced technology offers security, energy management, and monitoring in one flexible convenient package at an affordable price.

Five Cool Things Verizon #SMARTHOME Home Monitoring and Home Control can offer:

1)            Set your thermostat remotely

2)            Turn the lights on or off remotely

3)            View activity inside and outside your home remotely

4)            Lock or unlock doors remotely

5)            Monitor your home’s energy efficiency

Verizon Home Monitoring Starter Kit – Starting at $89.99 + Monthly Service Fee

Peace of mind... priceless!

Tip:  check with your homeowners insurance to see if there is any coverage discount for protecting your home.


Disclosure:   I have been compensated for my participation as a Verizon #SmartHome Ambassador .  Opinions are my own.