Life Happens: Find a More #BalancedYou

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you
— Fred Devito

There is nothing that wakes up the awareness of your personal wellness like taking care of an aging parent.   We have a family history of Alzheimer’s.  It is said that you either die from it, or you die with it.  Either way it sucks.  If I’m honest, it is more than once that my thoughts are  that I don’t want to be in that situation.  So what am I doing about it?

Thoughts fade, time heals and life happens.  Another year passes and I’m still sitting on the backburner.  I forget my own advice sometimes.  I hijacked it from flight crews everywhere.  “Put your own mask on before assisting others”!

I made a decision last winter that I was no longer going to just be a human doing.  I was determined to become a human “being”.  My goal was to find methods to decompress, de-stress and head toward wellness.  Body, mind and soul.  I joined a running club and started running 5K’s, I started a monthly massage membership, and I began searching for a yoga facility.  I was interested in trying yoga or Qi Gong.  I was having trouble finding something that would fit my schedule.

So when the opportunity came along to work with GaiamTV and @MyYogaOnline it was a perfect option!  I would be able to check out all they had to offer at my own pace, in the privacy of my own home and on my own timeline.  No more stressing over trying to make a session or a class.  Which was totally contradicting what I was trying to accomplish.  I had never done yoga before, ever.  But I was so excited to get started.

Admittedly I was a little nervous about my ability.  I mean, I’ve seen some crazy yoga poses on Instagram and Pinterest and I wasn’t 100% if I could plank or downward dog like the other kids!  Not to mention inhaling when I would be naturally inclined to exhale and suck wind when I should be exhaling.  Yeah, I got issues!

Happily, none of that was a problem because GaiamTV has literally thought of everything.  It truly IS Yoga for every, body! From beginner to advanced, there are countless video channels, guides, poses and articles.  You can filter for level, focus, duration, or collection.  I mean, it’s totally impressive and so easy to navigate.  I’m especially enjoying the community and excellent GaiamTV team support.

I recently joined the #BalancedYou 21 day journey.  I took a fun, easy Q and A and it was determined that I am a cultivator.  There are four elements.  Take the quiz to find out what you are!  How it works is that I have a 21 day personalized guide of handpicked content and programs based on my answers, to help me achieve a more balanced body, mind and spirit.

According to many recent studies there is significant scientific evidence that yoga and meditation have positive influences on physical and psychological health.  I don’t know what the future holds; life happens.  But I'm doing my part to find a more balanced me!

**Disclosure: I work with GaiamTV and MyYogaOnline.  All opinions are my own.

Photo Credit: Gaiam TV My Yoga


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