5 Nifty Features of the Verizon LG G2 Smartphone for the Average User - #VZWBuzz

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.
— Douglas Adams

Isn't that the truth!

What good is a cool looking gadget if you need to read a trilogy to figure out how to make it work?  I was pretty excited to get the new LG G2 and although it came in a lovely package - I don't really care about that.   I might only be half geek!

Five nifty features that you might find nifty too!


1.  Knock, Knock

 Knock or tap your screen twice to wake it up and knock or tap again to put it back to sleep.  Love.

2.  Quick Remote

Turn your phone into a quick remote for all your infrared home equipment.  Control your TV, cable box, DVD player, surround sound and more.  Right from your phone!

3. Wireless Charging.

You will need to purchase the charging pad separately but if you hate having to tote a bunch of cords around wherever you go; this is a pretty nice option.

4.  Multitasking

Easily use up to 3 apps at once by just sliding them around your screen.  Sure you can run apps on any smartphone but you don't normally see them all on the same screen.

5.  Battery Life

I use my smartphone ALAWT so this is a major feature for me.  This phone should carry an average user anywhere from 12-18 hours.  No more power panicking.

Next post will be a follow up talking about the camera options.

LG G2 - courtesy of Verizon Wireless.#VZWBuzz.  All opinions are my own.