Game on! 6 Reasons To Love Xbox 360!

ATARI 2600

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XBOX 360 KINECT (image via xbox)

Xbox 360!  It’s not just a gaming system.  It''s an entertainment “experience”.

6 Reasons To Love  XBOX 360

1. Xbox 360 has the most games, the most variety, and best graphics quality- period.

2. Kinect for Xbox 360 - with this motion sensor bar accessory you're not stuck holding a bulky controller while trying to play.  YOU ARE   the controller! The Kinect accessory also lets you control movies, tv and other functions with voice commands. 

3.  Family Fun - Nobody's left out of the fun.  With SO many game options there is fun for every level from little ones to seniors and everyone in between.  Plus with Kinect there is no complicated controller to navigate you can jump right in!

4. Xbox Live -  the online optional service for Xbox 360.  For a nominal monthly fee it transforms your system and television into a connected entertainment “experience”.  Xbox live allows you to play with your friends real time, online.  You can download demos for most Xbox 360 games so you can try before you buy <-- awesome.  Gotta have a game right now?  Use the game on demand option and download a digital version immediately!  HD movies, tv shows, music and so much more! 

5.  Parental Control –  use the Xbox 360 parental controls to control the console itself and access TO Xbox Live.  You can even control how long someone would be allowed to play!  *some features may require Xbox Live subscription.

6.  Online Safety -  Xbox Live’s Online Safety Settings control online privacy, communication and other activities between you, your friends and the Xbox LIVE community.   Monitor what children play, watch, browse and share.  *some features require Xbox Live subscription.

Games we're loving now!


Nike+ Kinect Training Nike + Kinect Training

It's like having your own personal trainer! Nike Training Kinect tracks your movements.  If your form is off, it helps you correct your movement to get the most out of your workout.   A personalized program that evolves as you do.  It measures your progress and provides real time feedback.



Disneyland Adventures

No fast pass required!  Explore the park, meet characters, jump into attractions and collect  souvenirs and pins.



Kinect Sports -Season Two

Game On!  All new features and six new sports!  Golf, football, baseball, tennis, darts, skiing.  Like to kick butt and hate to work out?  This is for YOU!






Dance Central 3

Wanna party like it's 1999?  OMG I LUV the Dance Central games!  Over 40 new tracks, party mode for up to 8 players and quick in and out feature.  Use the Xbox SmartGlass App and turn your phone into a party!




*The Atari 2600 video game console was released in October 1977 - GAH!


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Disclosure:   I have been compensated for my participation.  Opinions are my own.