Five ways Verizon Home Monitoring and Control Home Automation Systems puts you 50 years ahead of Jane Jetson.

That was then: 2062 Orbit City Skypad Apartments. This is now: 2012 your house anytime, anywhere…virtually

Five ways Verizon Home Monitoring and Control Home Automation Systems puts you 50 years ahead of Jane Jetson.


1)  You’re out with the girls for happy hour.  The husband took the kids to the park, left his keys on the counter, and one of the munchkins locked the door behind them. 

a)  You rush home, your friends are talking about what a moron your husband is.   You can’t believe he ruined your night.

☑  b)  He tells you about it when you get home.  You have Verizon Home Control so he unlocked the door with his smartphone.   


2)  You’re leaving for vacation and couldn’t find anyone to house sit.

a)  You leave one lights on for 7 days while you’re gone, praying nothing bad happens.

 ☑  b)  Duh!  You have Verizon Home Control – you control the lights (on, off,timer, dim) using your smartphone!


3)  The weather is totally unpredictable – it was 50 degrees when you left this morning.  You went out for lunch and now it’s 85!

a)  You are cranky all day knowing your house will be a sauna when you get home.

☑  b)  You go about your business.  You have Verizon Home Control and adjusted the temperature in your house from your smartphone. 


4)  You’re at the office it’s 3pm your 17 year old calls saying “I hope it’s okay; I invited some friends over last minute.”

a)  You tell her your calling the police

☑  b)  You say thanks for letting me know.  You have Verizon Home Control cameras inside and out so you can see from your smartphone how many “some” actually is.  You can watch everything they’re doing until you get home to ground her.  


5)  You flash back to YOUR mother when you hear yourself say, “How many times do I need to tell you to turn off the lights when you leave a room?”

a)  You check the mirror to see if there was a freak morphing episode.

☑  b)  You log into your Verizon Home Control Dashboard so you can show them what your carbon footprint looks like and turn it into a teaching moment. 


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