20 Questions With @Paul_Steele

We all know @paul_steele with his signature red shirt avatar.  The quintessential tweeter; learning, sharing, engaging.  From North West England and an avid hiker, Paul inspires us with his positive outlook and breathtaking hiking videos.  He makes us smile with his penchant for basset hounds, all things geek, karaoke, and photography. 


I was excited to have the opportunity to play 20 questions with @paul_steele and am certain you'll see why he's so wildly popular.  Never mind the boyish charm, British accent, and those dimples!

blogomomma.com: You currently have just over 63,000 followers - when did you start tweeting?

@paul_steele:  I opened my Twitter Acct in September 2008.  I admit it took me 6 months to know what I was doing so it was spring 2009 before my profile made any sense.

bm.c: How did you discover Twitter?

@PS:  A good friend of mine asked me to try Twitter one day.. I will ask him to pay for the addiction treatment maybe.

bm.c:  We know your love for hiking.  What has been your most rewarding climb?

@PS:  All my climbs I find rewarding, it is hard to name a single one.  Kilimanjaro was special though. The feelings, sights, people.

bm.c:  What mountain do you aspire to conquer?

@PS: What else? Everest

bm.c: Can you give us some detail about the charity water hike and how you got involved?

@PS:Earlier this year I climbed Mt Aconcagua, Argentina for charity.  The people and friends on Twitter made it so so special with their support, donations, cheering on and especially personal support and kindness.  So I wanted to give again but this time with great Twitter friends around the world with me.  Charity water is also a fantastic global charity doing magnificent things around the world. They have used  social media to their benefit and being open to all concepts and being interactive makes them great to work in aid of.

bm.c:  You're known for Twitter Sing Ups,; the Twitter karaoke - how many have you done so far and which is your all time favorite?

@PS: Ahh the Twitter Singups  So far there have been 12 and I have no favourite. They all make me smile and all have fantastic people taking part.  All good fun, breaks monotony, shows people behind the avatar and creates new connections.

bm.c: You've recently developed the Twitter PJ Party and Twitter's Got Talent - can you give us some highlights of what we can look forward to?

@PS:  Both those projects would not be there if it wasn’t for 2 wonderful friends:

Twitter PJ Party - @joycecherrier shares my love of non spam, pure social fun, involving many fun folk in the Twitterverse.  We started with Guess the twitter babies…( watch this space for the next random party ;) )

Twitter’s Got Talent – the brainchild of @grattongirl .  A wonderful kind and thoughtful lady.  Based on the obvious TV shows we aim to show just what talent is out there on twitter.  Voices/acts waiting to be seen/heard and we aim to showcase as many as possible. Great response so far!

bm.c: You have a site: baldhiker.com.  Which came first Twitter or the blog and was that purposeful?

@PS:  I admit it..  I was purely a Twitter addict.. I soon found I was learning the news, what was happening, what the world was up to.. all via twitter.  I said I started Tweeting in 2008 but my blog is only 2 months old.  It’s a lovely to write about my climbs, experiences, fun on there but yes, Twitter was first.

bm.c: We often see you tweet about photography and see beautiful photos on your site - what kind of camera do you use?  Do you have any secrets you want to share about taking those breathtaking shots?

@PS:  Me? A photographer? Noooo LOL.  I love seeing great photography so will always share what I find and like.  As for myself on my blog etc and on my climbs it’s purely the iphone or a point and shoot that I use, nothing uber special..  The views I see help to make it look better.

bm.c: What single tweet stands out to you now, that made you LOL?

@PS:@kim – Twitter was invented by a man. A woman would have chosen more than a 140 character limit.

bm.c: What astrological sign are you?  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

@PS: Libra

bm.c: What one single Twitter app/client can you not live without?

@PS: Twitter for Iphone. 90% of my tweeting is done on the move or when hiking.  I am actually rarely sat at the desk computer.  I have used the app so much now and got used to it that I can use it faster than a computer app to be honest.

bm.c: What is the single best piece of advice you received in regard to Twitter?

@PS: Best piece of advice? Never TELL anyone how to use Twitter or for what.

bm.c: You recently attended a London tweet up.  Since being on twitter have you been inspired to visit anywhere you've never been?

@PS:  One place I have never been and really want to is the U.S.  Not the usual tourist spots but the real U.S.  I have so many friends over there now and just like on Twitter it’s the people not just the place that makes a place.

bm.c: What would you be doing right now if there was no Twitter?

@PS:  If no Twitter? Probably climbing a hill or mountain but minus the iphone in hand 

bm.c: There are SO many wonderful Tweeters out there.  Who stands out for you this week and why?

@PS:  Haha I hate that question because there are too many people standing out all the time.

bm.c: Do you have a Twitter or Web 3.0 pet peeve - something that annoys you to no end?

PS: Nothing really annoys.  Auto DM and trutwit causes mild aggravation .  Why send a bot to see if I’m a bot?

bm.c: How would you like to see Twitter improve or evolve?

@PS:  Twitter will keep tweaking and evolving I am sure.  I have no needs.  As long as the friends are still there and the interaction, all else can change around us

bm.c: Would you pay to tweet?

@PS:  Pay to Tweet? Erm. NO

bm.c: Leave us with your favorite quote or personal mantra/life assertion-

PS: “Its not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” – Edmund Hilary


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