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My name is Lin - that's me up there ↑. I am the author and voice behind and @blogomomma on Twitter.  I am an online Influencer and Influential lifestyle blogger.  I share commentary, experiences, opinions and humor about topics that interest me.

My tweets and posts cover anything from social media and tech, to business and customer service, to kids and life.   You will also find that I don't talk about myself in the third person because it's creepy.  I like to curate and share information.  If what I share helps someone- that's all that matters. 

I'm a happily married, mother of two living and working in the Midwest.  I have a full time career outside of social media and with an entrepreneurial spirit - own and run a small business with my husband.  Just like many of you - it's a busy life but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

In my professional life I have over 25 years of customer service and operations management experience including 12 years specializing in high profile national accounts.  I am also the Influencer Team Director for OM Media - Influencers & Social Marketing.

My hobbies include giggling, Googling, 5K's and U.S. Travel ㋡  Homebase: Chicago, Northwest Indiana and Roaming....



My Social Media Work:

Word of Mouth Marketing Campaigns - rallying communities and creating buzz all over the place!

OM Media  Influencer Team Director : 120+ Influencers with over 6 million unique followers

Homebase: Chicago, Northwest Indiana and Roaming....




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Verizon®  2015 Houston Minority Business Summit #VZWHoustonSMB

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Verizon® Hispanic Chamber of Commerce featured speaker in partnership with OM Media #VZWSmallBiz

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April 2010   - in collaboration with @spreadingjoy launched #NYOH social media campaign and raised enough money through Twitter to pay a fellow tweeter's rent for a year!  

November 24, 2009 - What Are You Thankful For - lifestyles by @buzzedition

December 28th, 2009 - 75 Top Twitter Tips From Today's Small Business Moms

American Express -



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Email: blogomama@gmail dot com / lin.corto@ommediagroup dot com


All Rights Reserved.  I don't know why you would "want" to copy anything here but it would not be very cool.